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Publications following Surtsey 50th Anniversary Conference SR XIII

The Surtsey Research Society has published the 13th issue of  Surtsey Research which contains papers and extended abstracts that were submitted following the island´s 50th Anniversay Conference held in Reykjavík in August 2013. This latest issue of Surtsey Research is published online only and will be accessible here on the website of the SRS as previous issues.

Besides this new publication, the international scientific journal Biogeosciences has published a special issue under the title "Geological and biological development of volcanic islands" , which contains ten papers, eight of them dealing with research on Surtsey. Biogeosciences is an open-access journal published by the Europen Geosciences Union.

In 2015 fifty years have passed since Surtsey island was declared a nature reserve by the Nature Conservation Council. Thereby the island was set aside for scientific research and access restricted. This year also marks the 50th Anniversary of the Surtsey Research Society and the first publication of Surtsey Research (Progress Report). With this latest edition of Surtsey Research over 220 scientific papers and reports have appeared in the publication over the 50 year period. They are an invaluable source of information on the formation and development of the island, both in the field of geology and biology.

Surtsey 50th Anniversary Conference in Reykjavík, August 12-15, 2013

Programme and abstracts

Surtsey 50 ára


Welcome to the Surtsey Research Society´s Website.

The Surtsey Research Society was founded in 1965, two years after the onset of the Surtsey eruption. Further information on the society can be found here.

We hope that this Website will prove a reliable source of knowledge and information about the island and its development. Here you will find the most important geological and biological information on the origin and development of Surtsey.

The articles appearing here were written by scientists, each one a specialist in a given field. The Website will be reviewed regularly and updated accordingly. Readers are welcome to quote the text but should, of course, make proper reference to this site as their source of information.

Reports published by the Surtsey Research Society since 1965 are available in pdf-format. The most recent one, Surtsey Research 12, was published in May 2009. It features interesting articles on ongoing research work in Surtsey. More here.

Surtsey was inscribed as a natural property on UNESCO’s World Heritage List during the 32nd session of the The World Heritage Committee in July 2008. One of the ruling factors was that the island "has been protected since its birth, providing the world with a pristine natural laboratory. Free from human interference, Surtsey has been producing unique long-term information on the colonisation process of new land by plant and animal life."

More on the nomination, coverage by the UNESCO Courier.

The nomination document was prepared by the Icelandic Institute of Natural History and can be downloaded here.


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