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Publications of the Surtsey Research Society

Since the Surtsey Research Society was founded it has published reports with results of the scientific work that has been carried out.

A total of 11 reports have been published which contain a collection of articles from various scientists. The name of the report has been "Surtsey Research Progress Report" but was changed recently to "Surtsey Research" due to somewhat changed characteristics of the publication.

The following three scientists were in charge of the editing and publication of the latest report (published in the year 2000): Karl Gunnarsson (marine biology), Eythor Einarsson (botany) and Sveinn P. Jakobsson (geology).

Following is a list of all published reports and by selecting a report (front page or title) its index can be viewed. From there each article can be selected and viewed. The files are in pdf-format and it is noted that they are of various size.

Acrobat-reader has to be installed on your computer in order to view the files, it can be downloaded from here:

Surtsey Research Progress Report - V (1970)

A book by Dr. Sturla Friðriksson, Surtsey, Ecosystems formed. Published in 2005. Publication supported by The Surtsey research society. Also available in German: Surtsey, Entstehung von Íkosystemen. Available online.

In the year of 2000 the Icelandic Institute of Natural History in cooperation with the Surtsey Research Society published a geological map of Surtsey. Sveinn P. Jakobsson is the author of the map. A copy of the map can be viewed at "Photos and Maps" (by selecting the photo to the right you can view the front of the map).

Publications of the Surtsey Research Society, including the geological map of Surtsey, are for sale at the Icelandic Institute of Natural History at Hlemmur 3, Reykjavik, Iceland. Copies of the geological map of Surtsey can also be purchased at most bookstores in Iceland.


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