Surtsey Research 13 (2015):

Bjarni D. Sigurðsson and Guðrún Stefánsdóttir 2015: Ecosystem CO2 flux rates in relation to vegetation type and age of Leymus arenarius dunes on Surtsey. Surtsey Research 13: 9-15.
Agnieszka Sutkowska, Kesara Anamthawat-Jónsson, Borgthór Magnússon, Wojciech Baba and Józef R. Mitka 2015: ISSR analysis of two founding plant species on the volcanic island Surtsey, Iceland: grass versus shrub. Surtsey Research 13: 17-30.
Tim R. New 2015: Colonization, succession and conservation: the invertebrates of Anak Krakatau, Indonesia, and contrast with Surtsey. Surtsey Research 13: 31-39.
Erlingur Hauksson 2015: Observation on seals on the island of Surtsey in the period 1980-2012. Surtsey Research 13: 41-43. Extended abstract.
Bruce D. Clarkson, Beverley R. Clarkson and James O. Juvik 2015: Pattern and process of vegetation change (succession) on two northern New Zealand island volcanoes. Surtsey Research 13: 45-48. Extended abstract.

Håkan Wallander, Ari Jumpponen and James Trappe 2015: Mycorrhiza and Primary Succession. Surtsey Research 13: 49-51. Extended abstract.

Nemesio M. Pérez 2015: The 2011-2012 El Hierro submarine eruption: a challenge of geochemical, thermal and acoustic imaging for volcano monitoring.


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