Surtsey Research – 14 (2020)

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Surtsey Research 14. (The full issue)


Hallgrímur Jónasson 2020: Introduction. Surtsey Research 14: 7.


Guðrún Nína Petersen and Trausti Jónsson 2020: The climate of Surtsey. Surtsey Research 14: 9-16.


Jocelyn McPhie, James D.L. White, Carolyn Gorny, Marie D. Jackson, Magnús Tumi Gudmundsson and Samantha Couper 2020: Lithofacies from the 1963-1967 Surtsey eruption in SUSTAIN drill cores SE-2a, SE-2b and SE-03. Surtsey Research 14: 19-32.

James G. Moore and Marie D. Jackson 2020: Observations on the structure of Surtsey. Surtsey Research 14: 33-45.

Marie D. Jackson 2020: Petrographic and material observations of basaltic lapilli tuff, 1979 and 2017 Surtsey drill cores, Iceland. Surtsey Research 14: 47-62.

Birgir Vilhelm Óskarsson, Kristján Jónasson, Guðmundur Valsson and Joaquin M.C. Belart 2020: Erosion and sedimentation in Surtsey island quantified from new DEMs. Surtsey Research 14: 63-77


Birna Lárusdóttir 2020. A short note on place-names in Surtsey. Surtsey Research 14: 79-83.


Rien Aerts, Richard S.P. van Logtestijn, Niki I.W. Leblans and Bjarni D. Sigurdsson 2020: Effects of sea birds and soil development on plant and soil nutritional parameters after 50 years of succession on Surtsey. Surtsey Research 14: 85-90.

Bjarni D. Sigurdsson and Niki I.W. Leblans 2020: Availability of plant nutrients and pollutants in the young soils of Surtsey compared to the older Heimaey and Elliðaey volcanic islands. Surtsey Research 14: 91-98.

Kesara Anamthawat-Jónsson, Audrey Pace and Sigurður H. Árnason 2020: Sea sandwort from Surtsey: chromosomal evidence of active evolution via wide-hybridization. Surtsey Research 14: 99-114.

Borgthór Magnússon, Gudmundur A. Gudmundsson, Sigmar Metúsalemsson and Sandra M. Granquist 2020: Seabirds and seals as drivers of plant succession on Surtsey. Surtsey Research 14: 115-130.

Steffen Lundsteen, Erlingur Hauksson and Karl Gunnarsson 2020: Hydrozoan colonization and succession in the sublittoral zone of Surtsey during the period 1967 to 1984. Surtsey Research 14: 131-139.